vegan lentil pie

Vegan pastries? Why of course!

So, you’re vegan. That shouldn’t hold you back from a world of delicious pastries, should it?

We don’t think so. Which is why we accommodate our non-animal-product compadres with a range of savoury and sweet items baked fresh every day, just like everything else.

Did we mention that all our breads are vegan too? Tell your (vegan) friends we’ve got their backs.

What people say:

The staff at Brighton Jetty Bakery are very helpful, they don’t shy away at making something custom. I had a 300g vegan donut made and to be honest it was probably the best donut I have ever had!

Amy, Legit Vegan

Word on the vegan grapevine has it that there is a bakery by the seaside that serves a number of vegan options. Brighton Jetty Bakery on Jetty Road, Brighton, is the place. Vegan options abound.

I opted for the lentil pie and a chocolate donut. The pie–tasty, well seasoned and with a crispy pastry…The donut was perfect–arguably better than those available at Bliss CafĂ©; the icing was sweet and chocolatey and the dough perfect with those little crunchy/chewy bits that make doughnuts great.

In a lot of cases the vegan community is hard done by. But as soon as they hear about a place that caters for them, they are there, en masse. Especially for foods that they probably miss to an extent. Whilst I don’t crave meat pies, it’s nice to be able to visit a standard-looking suburban pie shop and order more than a wholemeal salad roll. It’s inclusive and, I am sure, good for business…Brighton Jetty Bakery caters for everybody!

Paul G, Yelp, Vegan

One of Adelaide’s best kept secrets, but not for long! Delicious food (more than one Vegan option!), wonderful staff and a view of the beach, what more could you want?

Steve Cox


Savoury Vegan Choices:

Vegetarian Pastie

Curried Lentil Pie

Chickpea Masala Pie

Tofurky Vegan Kransky

Sweet Vegan Choices:

Chocolate / Iced / Sprinkle Donuts

Jam Berliner

Blueberry Pocket

Apple or Apricot Strudel Scroll

Cinnamon Donut

Finger Bun (Except coconut icing)

Fruit Torpedo

Apple, Apricot or Sour Cherry Crumble

Apple or Apricot Pie

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vegan finger buns