COVID19 UPDATE - YES we are still trading. We appreciate that many of you wish to continue to support us, and for this we are incredibly grateful. We have determined that in the case of the bakery, a shift towards less frequent visits, and buying in quantities that will see you through for say, a week, is the best option in order to promote the social distancing and isolation measures that have been introduced to combat COVID19. Please look after each other, be generous and be kind. Dahlia, David, Grace, Jack and the Brighton Jetty Bakery team x


Contact Details

During this time, the best way to place an order is via phone ( 08 8358 0888 )

83 Jetty Rd Brighton 5048 SA

Phone: (08) 8358 0888


Plain Mince Beef
Spinach & Mushroom (vegetarian)
Butter Chicken
Chicken, Lemongrass & Coconut (spicy)
Chicken & Corn
Plain Chunky Steak
Steak & Pepper
Steak & Mushroom
Steak, Cheese & Bacon
Steak & Shiraz
Eggs Benedict (Mushroom or Bacon)
Curried Lentil (vegan)
Chickpea Masala (vegan)

Plain Mince Pie
Sausage Roll
Veg Pastie (vegan)

Vegetable (vegan)
Cheese & Veg (vegetarian)
Cornish (meat)
Spinach, Cheese & Veg (vegetarian)

Sausage Roll
Cheese Kransky
Chili Cheese Kransky
Quiche Lorraine
Vegetable Quiche (vegetarian)
Spinach & Cheese Roll (vegetarian)
Vegan Kransky

Donut (VEGAN)
Jam Berliner (VEGAN)
Blueberry Pocket (VEGAN)
Custard Berliner
Chocolate Eclair w fresh cream
Kitchener Bun w fresh cream
Finger Bun
London Bun
Danish (Apple / Apricot / Cherry)
Strudel Scroll (Apple / Apricot) (VEGAN)
Fruit Crumble (Apple / Apricot / Cherry) (VEGAN)
Caramel Slice
Choc Raspberry Brownie
Nutella Oat Slice
Vanilla Slice w Passionfruit Icing
Baked Custard Tart
Lemon Curd Tart
Gingerbread Person
Kid's Shortbread Biscuit (Bunny Shape)

TO SHARE Carrot & Walnut Bar Cake w Cream Cheese Icing (8-10 serves)
Family Quiche
Family Savoury Pie
Pastie Slice
Family Fruit Pie

White block loaf
Seeded rye loaf
No Added Sugar Fruit Loaf
Seeded Rye Sourdough
White Sourdough
Bread Roll
Plain Croissant

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